Running an art community in New York City is no small task. There are always things to be done and extra help is really appreciated.

  • We're always looking for talented hosts and curators. Book your next show here.
  • Donate, or help us find the equipment we need!
  • Apply below to help us produce and manage our social media and web content.

  • Apply below to volunteer in the store during the week. Sell dope clothing and accessories to dope people.
  • Apply below to volunteer at our next event! Bartend, sound engineer, help check coats, clean up, and other stuff.
  • We need members! Hey, it’s only $5/month and lots of good things happen when we have money to improve our place. We'd love if you, or someone you know wanted to become a member!
  • Write one of our grant applications! We have a few grant opportunities pending. Most of them have models to follow so it’s merely a matter of applying decent writing skills and following a pattern. We can really leverage member dollars with extra funds and we’ll end up with new programs to benefit everyone.
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If you can help on any of these items, please use our contact form above, or send an email to